Because we believe there is a better way to solve everyday challenges

The idea for Somos started over 4 years ago when, our Managing Director, Alejandro Cuéllar, was faced with the challenge of going through a separation. He had many questions and few places to turn. Having two beautiful daughters, Alejandro wanted the best for them, which also meant he had to be at his best.

He constantly wondered how this would affect his girls in the short term and as adults. There were so many questions.  Where to turn for family counselling? Was it the right choice? Should he try to reconcile? Who could he turn to for financial help? Was his job going to be affected? If needed, where could he find tutors to help his kids maintain good grades? What options were available to him legally? Soon Alejandro found that his questions had less to do with separation and divorce and more to do with the well-being of himself and his family.

Alejandro quickly learned there was not a central place he could turn to for the answers he was seeking. So much misinformation and so many different opinions online but, who can you trust? So he spent a lot of time meeting with individuals, counsellors and professionals that he found online or through word of mouth, which took a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately, this approach did not always provide the help he was looking for and he would have to start again.

Part way through the process Alejandro realized there had to be a better way and resolved to help individuals and families manage through life’s everyday and extraordinary challenges. He envisioned an online “Hub” where people and help could connect. A place where people could find information, share experiences and connect with local professionals who could help navigate these uncharted waters…Somos was born!


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