We are a Social Enterprise

Somos is a Social Enterprise, built by a community of people dedicated to helping families find, understand and connect with solutions to everyday challenges.

Somos Mission

Somos is the online community where people & help connect. We help families & individuals connect with local information and services for any family challenge they might face.

From Financial-Distress to Marital-Conflict, from Child-Depression to Senior-Care and anything else in between, Somos facilitates access to relevant factual content to empower people to take ownership of their family’s future.

Our online community provides information by location, age group and topic. Users can access results by the category of their choice: self-assessment tools, professional service providers, blogs, webinars, community workshops, books, TV shows, Movies, News Articles, Field and Clinical Research, peer conversations, chat groups, support and therapy groups, video support & coaching, video therapy, and other relevant content to help people learn, understand and take action on their topic of interest.

Somos Vision

Our vision is to help individuals and families find healthy solutions to life’s challenges. We aim to create a virtuous cycle of generational awareness that positively impacts how future generations raise their children.

We are who we were brought up to be, however, self-awareness about our family and the environment where we were raised can help us create a positive cycle of awareness for generations to come.

Somos Values

  • We are passionate about bringing social change to families.
  • We are committed to providing factual, impartial and unbiased content.
  • Somos encourages clarity, transparency and open communication.
  • Excellence, self-awareness, and personal growth are important to us.
  • We foster knowledge, open innovation, value co-creation and teamwork.
  • Work-life balance and having fun in everything we do is valuable to us.
  • We make things happen by balancing our profitability with our social impact.
  • Our sustainability depends on our ability to add value to families around the world


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