Should I stay or Should I go?

Our Marital workshops for individuals are coming soon. We are working hard to bring you the best perspective facilitators to help your workshop a lasting experience.

This is a 1 ½ day workshop designed to help individuals decide what to do in times of marital uncertainty. Explore your options by understanding the choices, implications and alternatives available to you, including separation, divorce and staying together; happy and fulfilled…

This workshop is intended to help you understand the two sides of marital conflict. Our goal is not to help you cope, but to help you enjoy life. Separation is not the answer, however, living in conflict is not the answer either. We want to help you make decisions for you and your family to be happy. Either identify what needs to be done to have a stable marriage or, separate with dignity and respect.

We encourage both parties in the relation to attend this workshop however, this workshop is designed to helping individuals take ownership of their future, whichever the future might be. Our prices are per person.

What to Expect:

You will have over 10 different sessions with Somos Staff and Professional Service Providers that are experts in different fields. The workshop will add context to help you decide what the best is for you and for your family.


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