Sometimes the best ideas come when we venture to think outside of the box. And to add to that, sometimes, the best ideas are also the simplest. Sometimes it seems we are working harder than ever to pay down our homes. Wouldn’t it be nice if the appreciation in your home showed a little appreciation backatcha?  What if you could take the money from your home and reinvest it yet continue to plant your garden, stay close to your friends and continue to walk your dog along his favorite familiar path? What if you could do this without any “For Sale” sign on the front lawn? No open houses and no one knowing you are about to sell your home and reap the rewards of many years of hard work. But it gets better…..What if you could stay in your home and have someone else pay for the maintenance and the taxes? Sound too good to be true? Not really. There is a way.


Sell N Stay. The concept is so easy, you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Here is how it works: Sell N Stay has a roster of Investors looking to put their money into the Real Estate market. They have no desire to live in the property, their biggest concern is getting a good tenant. (We have all heard the horror stories.) But think about it. Who better to rent from the investor than the person who has previously loved and cared for the home? I’m talking about you by the way. Yes, You! With the Sell N Stay program, you sell your home to an investor, take the money and reinvest it with your trusted financial advisor and voila! You pay your rent using the interest from the equity!! It’s a simple and brilliant concept.

Saskia Wijngaard is the brilliant mind who took the idea and ran with it. She is a REALTOR with Keller Williams Realty Solutions and has a long history with the Rotary Club. She had a particularly dear client named Jean, whom she had known for years and wanted to be sure Jean was exceptionally well looked after. Jean was selling but still needed a place to live. She hated the thought of actually having to pack up and move and loved the condo she had been enjoying. The only real problem was cash flow. What if she didn’t have to go through all the fuss and could just take her condo’s value and reinvest the money? Wouldn’t that be neat?

This is a much better option than the reverse mortgage which is expensive and with interest payments, can take on a life of it’s own.

Among the most notable people to take on this type of arrangement would be Conrad Black. He has recently sold his Bridle Path estate and is now leasing it back from the investor. Mr. Black had the ability to think outside the box. Hugh Hefner is another “Out of the box” thinker who had his mansion on the market for several months. In the end, he opted for a sell and stay arrangement.

Sell N Stay provides this option. The program has thought of all the “What ifs” and made the appropriate provisions. Someone takes a spill and needs to go into long term care? No problem. There is a clause that speaks to the various case scenarios that can occur. It is a program that works for both the Investor and the Seller. It is a win/win scenario.

Mark Weisleader, one of Toronto’s top Real Estate lawyers and a prolific author, has been writing for the Toronto Star for many years and has been interviewed on Canada AM speaking to the benefits this arrangement can provide for not only seniors who want to stay in their homes but also for the Investors who want to get their money into the market and allow their investment to appreciate in value. We all know Real Estate is one of the best investments but so many people are afraid of bad tenants. (We have all heard the horror stories.) Having the tenant be a former owner reduces if not eliminates the risk. The Seller knows the house, the neighbors, and the area. They know exactly what they are getting into and are usually grateful for the opportunity the investor can provide. The Investor in turn, has a tenant who is amicable. Little if no vacancy and may not even feel the need for an expensive property management company. Hence keeping the cost of the investment at a minimum. How genius is that?

Simply Put:

– No “For sale” sign

– No “Open House”

– No Movers

– No Packing

– Unlock your equity

– You choose your landlord and your landlord choses you. It has to be a win/win or no deal.

– Pets are welcome.

To view a clip of Mark Weisleder speaking to Beverly Thompson on the merits of leasing back your home:

If you would like to know more, I am always available for a call and will gladly explain further. I am happy to help on either the seller side or the Investor side as it is a big win for both parties.

Susan Hausmann 416 577-8395

Theresa Baird 647 298-0997

Saskia Wijngaard 905 855-1558

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